Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Seriously a terrible experience.

We tried everything to make bath time a calming and connecting experience but ever since she was born, Ashley would scream the moment we put her in the tub. It was horrible!

We tried using different kinds of tubs that we borrowed from friends, changing the water temperature and all kinds of sponges, but nothing helped - Ashley would scream the through the entire bath, every single time. Ugh. 

Bathing was impossible. It was literally the worst time of the day. I read that bath toys helped but they did not work for me; maybe she was too young. It's not that I didn't try. I purchased all possible bath time boats and duckies. Ashley was so busy screaming that it was useless, she didn't notice them and I had my hands full.

I guess that the combination of Ashley growing up a bit, together with me gaining more experience in bath toys (I'm a total expert now!) is what brought the change.

Today, Ashley screams when bath time ends…so I felt I wanted to share my knowledge gained with miserable parents who just don't know what to do to make bath time better.

The HUGE difference: Battery operated bath toys

So what did I discover? I discovered battery operated bath toys that are a whole entire activity center. They have so many developmental advantages and they make bath time both fun and educational, which, now that Ashley is big, matter a lot! Smart water play provides a great new experience where kids can discover things that float, sink and splash, not to mention stop screaming at Mommy.