Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Hi Everyone! After a long exhausted pregnancy hiatus (and maternity leave!) I’m back up and running with my new Mountain Buggy Duet, XL diaper bag for two and a cutie little boy! My daughter is now a big sister!Now I’m not only struggling with my LO’s bath fighting and water resistance, but I’m bathing two. Mr. Tiny is still in the baby bath, but he’s just starting to get near sitting, and that means the big tub. I really struggle to bathe both kids though—I can’t leave either alone (duh!) and because my baby isn’t quite properly sitting, I’m worried about putting them in the tub together.

That’s where my most favorite bath toys come in handy! My Toddler is way out of the foam blocks and rubber ducks, and all the toys with holes in them had to be trashed. They were so gross. 

I’ve been on the lookout for an upgrade, and I saw that The Baby Guy NYC is putting on a contest! Awesome!He’s got a few toys that look amazingly entertaining for a toddler, and they look sharable, for when peewee gets bigger. Best of all, enriching discovery for my kids, without moldy inside spaces that are impossible to clean. Now if I could just find time for my own relaxing bath…

I’m back just in time for International Bath Day, June 14! Can’t believe it’s been a year since I’d written anything! Geez Lousie!


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