Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Hi guys!It’s so good to be back! Today, for International bath day, instead of taking about the best bath toys and what they do for our babies, like I usually do, I’m going enjoy some grown up time! Hubby is treating me to a home spa day. International Bath Day for Mommy! WooHoo! With the new little one, it’s tough to go to a real spa (not to mention tough on the wallet), but he arranged babysitting (!) and bought me some awesome looking bath stuff, new Essie nail polish and a nice bottle of wine. I have the day completely off—kid free, and the weather is finally nice! Bye bye rainy spring, hello summer!I’m going to head to the beach, work on my tan and read a book. Seriously, a book! When was the last time I did that? I love my chick lit., and it’s just been so hard to find the time, so hubby, bless him, has made this the best International Bath Day EVER! I’m gonna be a beach bum, once I get off the computer with you all. I’m going to come home with a wicked awesome tan and sink into a bubble bath full of the lavender oil bath bomb he got me, enjoy some tea and a good glass of wine, and relax, without any spit up on my shirt. Then I plan to paint my toes one color and my fingers another.#InternationalBathDay #mommy’sdayoff #readabook #relax #bestbathtoys #bestdayever #june14

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