Sunday, June 25, 2017

Summer Pool Fun

Hi all!

Now that International Bath Day is over and preschool's out for the summer, everyone is home! Oh...gosh...
I went to the dollar store and got a bunch of small squirt guns for my older daughter to play with in the blow up pool on my deck. I made myself a cold lemonade, slathered everyone with sunscreen and tucked my little bub into the Ergo, thinking that I'd get a minute to sit back and relax while my daughter played and snuggle up with my little guy. I showed her how to squirt the water guns but I guess it wasn't so easy--lo and behold, all she wanted to play with was her same bath toys that she plays with indoors too! Who'd'a thunk? 

So, I pulled out all the old favorites and she couldn't stop playing with the Moluk Plui rain cloud, which won an award recently from the Archimedes Foundation for encouraging STEM play and teaching physics basics in honor of International Bath Day. She was entranced by being able to make her own rain with one of the best bath toys ever! It opens, so I can clean it out and it won't get moldy. Good call Archimedes Foundation! I saw that the Plui had another award too, and that the International Bath Day Gold Award was given to Alex Toys for their Bath Flutes and Yookidoo for their Flow N Fill Spout Pro, also great toys.

All in all, I enjoyed my lemonade, though I didn't really get to sit back and relax. I did get wet though! Happy pool time everyone!

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