Monday, November 20, 2017

Hi all! School’s finally under way and settled and my big girl is in the throws of her first year of preschool! She comes home every day with new art project ideas and beads and yard games—and she’s filthy! Bath time has become even more important than ever! I have no idea what they do together in school that’s so messy, though I have an idea, but every day she’s covered in some combination of sand, glue, paint, stickers and sparkles. Wow, she loves her sparkles.
So, the second she walked in the door, plops off her hat and coat, I’ve got her undressed and headed to the bathroom. Well, if the baby isn’t hungry. The best thing is, the sticky glue and glitter need time to soak off and she’s happy with her 5 best bath toys! Still! I thought eventually she’d outgrow baths (when do they take showers?) and certainly bath toys, but she’s still loving her rubber ducks –and their more modern counterparts.
We all know that adults like baths—well, except my hubby. He’s not so into the idea for himself. I know, it’s ironic that the bath toy lady would have a husband who doesn’t like baths. Anyway, I didn’t know big kids do too!
Next up, big kid bath toys…